March 25, 1952: En route to the International Motor Sports show at the Grand Central Palace in Manhattan, Frazer L. W. Dougherty drove his Airphibian, an airplane that could be detached from its wings and tail to become an odd little car, down Grand Central Parkway. Mr. Dougherty was quoted in The Boston Globe as hoping to sell the Airphibian to the public soon. Meanwhile, in a preview of the auto show, The Times published a vision of the car of the future — “telescoping wheels for leapfrogging traffic,” a microphone for “yelling at drivers, pedestrians,” a “soda pop dispenser,” a bumper to protect the grill and a bumper to protect the grill bumper were among its features. Photo: Eddie Hausner/The New York Times

  • Me: Do I use this weekend to catch up on current TV that I've missed recently? Or better yet, finish assessment work?
  • Me: No. I'm going to watch season 12 of Top Gear instead.


Money doesn’t mean anything. I invested $2250 total into my ‘02 from start to finish. I had more smiles and laughs in that car than anything else. You don’t need $3000 dollar wheels and $2000 dollar body kits to have a fun car that gets looks, you just need to build your own car and not follow others. Looking back, there isn’t one thing that I would change after a year and a half. I’m going to miss this car but damn was it fun.